Saturday, August 30, 2008


I have to say, the first month after traveling to Russia has been pretty quick because we were so busy.

We now have beds, bedding, dressers, bookshelves, car seats, a high-chair, a booster seat, growth charts, toys, books, clothes, shoes, diapers, bath stuff, diapering stuff, decorations for the walls, stuffed animals, blocks, closets set up, garage rearranged to add trikes, strollers, etc., baby-proofed the entire house and garage, we have little kid plates, utensils, bowls, cups, CD’s, DVD’s.…everything you can think of that two toddlers will need – (Hopefully!)
We have confirmed their preschool.
We have confirmed their doctor/dentist.
We’re both caught up at work.
All of our documents are in order, copied, notarized, apostilled and sent to Russia.
Nothing is expiring any time soon.
We even have snowsuits for the kids (just in case we need them).

It’s been 5 weeks now and we’ve been ok.

Until now.

I’m feeling so anxious to see them and hold them and let them know that we will always be there for them, forever.
I can’t wait to see those smiles and feel those little warm, sweet hugs. I’m about to jump out of my skin.
I’ve been listening to a nursery rhyme CD in my car in the mornings – I’m going bananas!!

What else can we do to make the time pass by faster?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Baby Shower!

We have such an unbelievable group of friends!
Cathy, Ermy and Isabel threw me a baby shower Friday night and it was beyond FABULOUS!!! There were about 35 of us girlies and we had so much fun.

It was the first baby shower for them where the mom could have a glass of wine!
It was held at Hotel Granduca and was so elegant and chic and the room was simply exquisite. The ladies did a wonderful job of decorating and making everything so festive.

Our kiddos will have so many things to play with, learn from and stimulate their senses – we’re so fortunate to have the support of all these amazing friends and family.

Jim even got a great gift!! Check it out below.

Thank you EVERYONE for making my shower unforgettable!

Here are a few pics-

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Remembering Things

There's a funny little story about some food that I forgot to write about...

Our travel partners, Emily and Ben were with us for lunch one day in Kotlas and told us about their breakfast that morning. (We had slept in).
Emily thought she ordered scrambled eggs and sausage but what she received a hard-boiled egg on a plate, cut in half, with mayonnaise spread all over the top of it and a slice of fried bologna on the side. We were cracking up at that while we were waiting for our lunch to be served.

Well, when Emily's plate was ready, she picked it up at the counter and came back to the table and sat down. I was like, hmmmm, Em, like pickles do ya? Her plate was 1/2 filled with little gerkin pickles. That was her 'cucumber salad' that she had ordered!

Oh, the joys of International travel!

Saturday, August 2, 2008


So what have we been doing since we've been back in town?

Why, practicing of course!