Friday, January 22, 2010

Some Funnies

Kara, Cooper and I were playing in Kara's room with her kitchen last night. 
They were offering me various food items, saying it was hot, to blow on it, etc.
I dropped a hamburger and made a big deal of it saying we needed to clean up this mess...
Kara got her play phone and said "Rosa, can you come clean my house? Thank you!".  I was cracking up!
(Rosa is our housekeeper as I'm sure you've figured out by now!)

Cooper and Jim were watching t.v. last night and a State Farm commercial came on.
Jim asked Cooper "Who does daddy work for?"  Cooper said "Money!"  Yep, that boy has it right!

We rearranged Cooper's room last week to move the t.v. out.  This was during his naptime and we didn't tell him ahead of time.  When he awoke, he said "Mommy, someone broke my room!  That was not very nice!".    He likes it now, even better than before.

A couple of weeks ago we went to see the Houston Rockets play and after the game started, Cooper turned to me and said, "Mommy, when is the fire going to come out?"  He thought we were going there to see a rocket launch!  I can only imagine what he was thinking when the guys started playing basketball right next to the 'rocket'!  He thought the screen in the middle of the stadium was the bottom of the rocket!
Funny boy!

Yep, these munchkins keep us laughing!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sugar and Spice and EVERYTHING nice

I have to tell you how extremely sweet my baby girl is.

I was putting her to bed last night and she laid down on her little bed and said "I LOVE my flowers mommy.  Thank you for my flowers. (referring to her flowered sheets).  Thank you for my room mommy.  Thank you for my giraffe.  Thank you for my paint - is it dry?  Thank you for all the pink."

She's truly the sweetest little child I've ever met. 
When someone gets hurt, even if it's a stubbed toe, she's all like, "I get booboo bear for you" and she dotes and cares for you...
When her baby falls down, she makes a sad face and gently picks her up and talks to her softly in her ear...
When the dogs play rough (and growl a lot), she'll say, "No, Mia will get hurt" - Mia's the smallest...

Such a little angel.

This was at Brock's birthday party in October~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Scrapbooking... the WALLS!

When Kara and Cooper first came home, I had every intention of letting them share a bedroom.
They were used to sharing a room with 8 others in the baby home and I thought they may feel isolated or lonely if they were by themselves in a room.
Cooper was a great sleeper (and still is) but Kara would take a minimum of 45 minutes to get to sleep.  So when we got home, we put them together in a bedroom and had the other bedroom as their playroom.    Then Cooper kept waking Kara up by calling her name...loudly... That got old fast because it would take another 45 minutes or longer to get her back to sleep.  So we moved Kara into what was the playroom.  Well that room gets very warm and Kara's a hot-blooded girl so she was stripping off her clothes at night.  We then switched the kids rooms - Cooper is in the 'once playroom' and Kara is in the 'once co-ed bedroom'.
I'm saying all this to let you know that both rooms were decorated 'kid' because we didn't know for sure who was going to be where.  Not any theme per se, just fun, bright, kid-friendly rooms. 
After playing musical rooms for the first few months, they've been in their current rooms ever since.
Well Kara is now a princess. A doll-lover.  An all-girl pink lover.  A ballerina.  So I really wanted her room to reflect her personality and to make the pink/doll/dancer-loving princess happy!
I don't have any before pictures but here are the after pics.... it turned out so cute and she loves it!

I made this tutu valance and glued scrapbook stickers of butterflies and flowers to it.  It was very easy.  It would look better with a pretty shade behind it but for now we have the blinds.

I re-wallpapered her kitchen to match her room!
It's just a cute pink flowered pattern wrapping paper glued to the existing, ugly, 70's wallpaper.

I made this bow holder from scratch - yes I did!!!  It was my first.  I copied another one that I had seen online (it was $60) and this one cost around $14 to make!  (no sewing needed!)

These cute wall hangings came from H0bby L0bby - I embellished them a little by putting the same ribbon on the castle that matches the ribbon that ties the flower and butterfly. (This was Jim's idea!).  I hate the lampshade so don't look at that.  It needs to be redone.  I glued poofs of pink boa on the flower too -
I painted this giraffe on the wall before the kids came.  Now SHE's wearing a princess crown, earrings and a necklace!  I LOVE circles and dots so I did just this one wall so it wouldn't be too overdone. 
I painted a peg and embellished it with scrapbook dancing things so she (I) could hang her dancing bag on it.
The lightswitch is a cute fabric that I had - spraystarched to the switchplate!  So easy and cute.
The angel cross was a gift (actually I have 2) from my bosses wife when we got our referral - I love it there!

Above her door is a plaque that says Little Princess. It's not made by me because I have a horrible handwriting and wouldn't even attempt to paint that!   I know my limitations!

The flower is from H0bby L0bby as well and it displays some of her 'jewels' for dress up.                I fell in love with the pattern on a Christmas bag so I used it to decoupage her KARA letters.  Again, easy and cheap. 

On this wall are the words "Such a big miracle in such a little girl".  These are the vinyl stick-ons that you see everywhere.  I loved the saying and I wanted it very subtle so I did it in white.  The round things are discs from M!chaels that I embellished with pink boas, tulle and gems.  The "K" is in the same fabric that is on the switchplate - again spraystarched to the wall.    The frame is from H0bby L0bby.  

All in all I love the way it came out.  A little fun, a little green, a lot of pink and a ton of GIRL!

All for my little peach.  LOVE this child!

Next she will get a twin sized bed.  She's in a toddler bed right now and she bumps around in it so much, she's ready for a bigger bed soon!  I can't wait to pick out bed linens to match her room- should be easy!

Cooper says he likes his room just the way it is!  YAY!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Merry Christmas beautiful Russia!

~May Grandfather Frost visit ALL of the precious children there~