Sunday, March 22, 2009


The scene:

Cooper going through his Papa's drawer in our bathroom, pulling out one thing at a time asking, What's that?

He gets to some earplugs and I say, that's for your ears when things get too loud.

Cooper says: Cooper try it?

I say: Not right now.

Cooper: Later?

Mama: Maybe.

Cooper: Tomorrow?

Mama: We'll see.

Cooper: Tuesday?

We're obviously working on days of the week around here!

Monday, March 16, 2009

from the big dog

Hi my name is Etta Mees. I used to be called Stefani or Steffi but my new baby brother changed my name when he arrived. I think I like it better, I answer to it anyway.

I’ve taken over this blog for today because I have a lot to say.

My thoughts on Cooper:
I’m so happy that Cooper is nice and gentle with me. I have a bad leg and sometimes have to take medicine to make it feel better. Coop pats my leg gently and says “it’s ok, EttaMees, it’s ok”. I really like him a lot.
He has lots of soft stuffed animals that I like to destroy, I mean play with and sometimes it makes him upset – he puts me in time-out regularly. I don’t really know what time-out is but it seems to be important to Cooper because he scowls when he tells me this. I usually just ignore him and go lay in his bed.

I wake him up in the morning by jumping on his bed and licking his face. He wakes up laughing and giggling which makes me wag my tail even harder. Then my brother Fritz the Schnuazer joins in and helps me give Cooper a bath also! Of course, Kara has to come see what all the craziness is about!

Thoughts on Kara:
Kara is my meal ticket. That girl is a mess which is great ‘cause I can get lots of scraps off her highchair and when she drops something!

She always seems to have drool or food on her face so I clean her up all of the time! She also offers me stuffed toys which I take from her and run off and play with which makes her chase me.
And they love to hide in their diaper boxes - they think I can't find them, ha!

Yep, I love these kiddos and they love me and my sister and brother.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lots of Firsts!

It’s been quite an exciting couple of weeks around here for the munchkins.
They went to their first birthday party for their friend Morgan and got to jump in a huge bouncy with a big slide - afraid? NO WAY, they went right in and joined the other kids. Cooper and Kara have come such a long way from when they first came home. They were so timid and tentative with everyone and everything, having to check out the situation thoroughly first. Now, they just join right on in only after a short check-out. They have confidence that only their preschool could have given them. Have I mentioned that we all love that school?!

Here we are at our first rodeo parade-

The kids LOVED the horses –
Here’s Coop’s expression when he saw all the horses coming down the street:

Coop gave the UT salute (unprompted) when the Texas band passed. Of course, all of the Texas people loved it! Even Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison said “You’re raising him right!” and she saluted him back. It was too funny.

I was bummed that I didn’t bring my camera for this, but they both tried and L O V E D crawfish – and yes, they were seasoned very well!
They were eating them as fast as I could peel them!

Cooper ate his first piece of gum. I didn’t realize he had it but they were giving away candy at the rodeo parade and he opened it and started eating it. I’m glad to know he thinks it’s “icky” and insisted on spitting it out.

Oh and my 13, I mean 3 year old will only take showers now and “stam up” to pee (not at the same time, well, I hope not).

We also went to the first "Spring Fling" of the season today at our local beautiful shopping center.

There were all sorts of children's activities including pony rides that Cooper had to ride twice! There a little miniature petting zoo set-up that they loved too.

After we got home, they crashed hard then we flew a kite - again, a first.

Like I said, lots going on around here - nothing but fun!

Since this post was mostly about the Coop, I need to add a pretty pic of my angel-girl...