Sunday, March 22, 2009


The scene:

Cooper going through his Papa's drawer in our bathroom, pulling out one thing at a time asking, What's that?

He gets to some earplugs and I say, that's for your ears when things get too loud.

Cooper says: Cooper try it?

I say: Not right now.

Cooper: Later?

Mama: Maybe.

Cooper: Tomorrow?

Mama: We'll see.

Cooper: Tuesday?

We're obviously working on days of the week around here!


Jane said...

What a cute picture of Cooper!

Ahhh the bargaining! "We'll see" usually equates to a "Yes" around here. If I don't give in right away, I pay for it with the constant asking of "now???"

Roger and Joanne said...

Ah...I love it!!!! That is too cute! And, the picture too!

Troy and Rachel said...

I third the opinion about the photo! I love that he thought it through and came up with Tuesday!

Kim Abraham said...

Such an adorable photo of Cooper. You need to enter that on in a baby photo contest.