Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

We're all wishing you a very happy Easter!

We've been very busy over here! Here's the rundown-

  • we went to the wedding of Jim's nephew Chris
  • another nephew, niece and cousin came to stay with us and go to the wedding
  • my brother and his wife came to visit
  • we went to a birthday party for a classmate of Cooper's
  • we've been potty training the Coopster
  • we've been half-assed trying to potty train Kara
  • we've had the Easter parade and hunt at school
  • we went to our friend's house for an Easter hunt and barbeque
  • I finished their Life-Book and it came out fabulous! I used Picaboo and absolutely loved it
  • we finished our first post-placement report (I can't believe it's already been 6 months)

AND our flipping coffee-maker is broken. UGH. Anyone know of a GOOD coffee-maker? I don't care what the cost - I need my morning coffee!

Here are some random tidbits of info:

  • Cooper rode his trike into the pool. He was pretty stunned because it was very cold but he popped right back up and started laughing. I jumped in to help him-shoes and all. All is fine and I don't think he will be doing that again!
  • Cooper can write his name. Oh, and he knows all of his colors in Spanish! Once again, LOVE LOVE LOVE that school!
  • Cooper is officially a chocoholic. He definitely takes after his mother.
  • Kara is lactose intolerant. After some tests and experimenting, she's on Lactaid and doing fine.
  • Kara insists on standing up to peepee. We keep explaining to her that girls are not built that way - too funny! It's especially funny to hear Cooper tell her that she doesn't have a P (that's what he calls it).
  • Kara, in complete contrast to Cooper, H.A.T.E.S chocolate - there is something wrong with her! heehee.

Ok, now for some random pics. You can figure out what is what...


Rebecca said...

Love your header photo! And completely understand the half-assed potty training. That's where we are right now, too. We can't quite bring ourselves to expend the effort to really try.

Chris said...

They are adorable! I love the layout of your blog. Thanks for mentioning the picaboo sight. I'll have to check it out. Sounds nicer than making a photo album.

Anonymous said...

Jane I love my Black and Decker coffee maker. It is programable and my coffee is ready when I get up.

The pictures are so cute and I know what you are going through Kara. I had 2 boys before I had a girl.

Christen and Frank said...

This is my first visit to your blog. Thanks for the comment on our blog (Olive You It's always fun meeting new bloggers. :)

Happy Easter and I just have to say your children are gorgeous! Looks like they keep you busy, busy.

Carey and Norman said...

Cute, cute pictures. I always enjoying watching little ones venture for eggs!

Anonymous said...

I highly recommend a Bunn coffeemaker. I must purchased a new one on January; the cost is a little over $100 but so well worth it. The reservoir keeps water HOT 24/7. Pur coffee in the basket, pour in a pot of cool water, and HOT coffee is yours within about three minutes. Our last Bunn served us well for 10 years. There is no timer - but you don't need one - when the coffee brews that quickly.

Joy said...

I can not believe that you have been home for 6 months either. Where has the time gone. Congrats on the potty training.

Susan said...

Go Cooper!! Check out that handwritting! You must be so proud of him.

Kara's smocked dress is adorable. Looks like Easter was a great time at your place.

Michael and Carrie said...

Wow! Cooper is doing so well with his writing, and I'm amazed that he is speaking Spanish! And that is hilarious that Kara wants to stand up to potty! :) Too funny! I'm glad to hear they are doing so well, and I enjoyed your pictures!