Sunday, August 23, 2009

Napping? Nah...

We heard some noises coming from Kara's room towards the end of her naptime so Jim went in there to check on her. He asked me if I had done anything with her clothes. I had not. He said, get the camera and go see her, quick!

This is what I saw:

She had taken almost all of her clothes out of her dresser, separated all of her school uniforms by color and lined them all up on the floor...
They both line up everything they can find - I wonder what this means??

Friday, August 21, 2009

Growing Up

It's very exciting and rewarding to watch the kids grow and develop their own unique personalities but wow, I'll never get those old 'baby' days back - time is going too fast!
It's only been 10 months and look at the changes:

Kara - October 2008 - first week home

Kara today - sock hop day at school

Kara - 2nd week home - her 2nd birthday party

Kara - August 2009 - checking out her newly painted nails

Kara- October 2008

August 2009 - at the mall playground

Cooper - October 2008 - Little man

August 2009 - Sock Hop Day at school

Coop - August 2009- just waking up

Cooper - Handsome Devil at the mall playground

Cooper the Crazy Boy climbing the 'rocks' at the park

Cooper - this is the latest face I get when trying to take a pic

Kara looking quite Russian here!

This is what you get when you pass french fries and ketchup to the back of the car

Monday, August 3, 2009

Picture Post

Kara riding the carousel horse at the zoo after Julian's birthday party

Cooper sitting on the "sofa" as he calls it - he's still scared to go up and down on the horses!

Kara at Julian's birthday party at the zoo

Cooper and Kara at Julian's birthday party at the zoo

Kara and Cooper fight in the car at the mall

Cooper at the mall

Cooper and Kara sharing the stroller (had to get a pic of them playing nice)

again, sharing - Mom, look, I sharing! (Cooper)

C&K posing for the Alcalde Texas Ex book

Coop gets a haircut

C&K make a big mess at Papa's work

Coop rides his birthday bike

Coop can't wait for his nap

Kara at Evan's birthday party at Discovery Green Park

Cooper and Papa at Discovery Green Park

Kara at Discovery Green Park
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