Monday, August 3, 2009

Picture Post

Kara riding the carousel horse at the zoo after Julian's birthday party

Cooper sitting on the "sofa" as he calls it - he's still scared to go up and down on the horses!

Kara at Julian's birthday party at the zoo

Cooper and Kara at Julian's birthday party at the zoo

Kara and Cooper fight in the car at the mall

Cooper at the mall

Cooper and Kara sharing the stroller (had to get a pic of them playing nice)

again, sharing - Mom, look, I sharing! (Cooper)

C&K posing for the Alcalde Texas Ex book

Coop gets a haircut

C&K make a big mess at Papa's work

Coop rides his birthday bike

Coop can't wait for his nap

Kara at Evan's birthday party at Discovery Green Park

Cooper and Papa at Discovery Green Park

Kara at Discovery Green Park
Here we are in the AAI newsletter!
Check us out~


Troy and Rachel said...

Great photos!

BTW - I can't see your words to find the comment button - I had to roam around on the page with my mouse and look for a link by the hand appearing. You may need to check the coloring of the letters - unless it's just me!!

Rich and Jolynn said...

Those Texas outfits are so cool! What wonderful pictures! I read your letter on the AAI site it was so nice.

Our little ones are such a blessing!

Michael, Carrie, and S said...

Love the pics! Kara and Cooper are precious! I'm glad they are doing so well! The article was great, too!