Monday, March 16, 2009

from the big dog

Hi my name is Etta Mees. I used to be called Stefani or Steffi but my new baby brother changed my name when he arrived. I think I like it better, I answer to it anyway.

I’ve taken over this blog for today because I have a lot to say.

My thoughts on Cooper:
I’m so happy that Cooper is nice and gentle with me. I have a bad leg and sometimes have to take medicine to make it feel better. Coop pats my leg gently and says “it’s ok, EttaMees, it’s ok”. I really like him a lot.
He has lots of soft stuffed animals that I like to destroy, I mean play with and sometimes it makes him upset – he puts me in time-out regularly. I don’t really know what time-out is but it seems to be important to Cooper because he scowls when he tells me this. I usually just ignore him and go lay in his bed.

I wake him up in the morning by jumping on his bed and licking his face. He wakes up laughing and giggling which makes me wag my tail even harder. Then my brother Fritz the Schnuazer joins in and helps me give Cooper a bath also! Of course, Kara has to come see what all the craziness is about!

Thoughts on Kara:
Kara is my meal ticket. That girl is a mess which is great ‘cause I can get lots of scraps off her highchair and when she drops something!

She always seems to have drool or food on her face so I clean her up all of the time! She also offers me stuffed toys which I take from her and run off and play with which makes her chase me.
And they love to hide in their diaper boxes - they think I can't find them, ha!

Yep, I love these kiddos and they love me and my sister and brother.


Nancy said...

Too cute and too funny! Your dogs (and kids) are great!

We leave next week to bring #2 home...

Chris said...

Such cuties! Love the pictures of Kara and Cooper together.

Troy and Rachel said...

What sweet doggies!! Sounds like a day in our house. Dogs were born to clean up after kids I believe and at the dinner table we usually have anywhere from 1 to 3 dogs lying in wait next to Daniel's chair! I love the photo of Kara and Fritz. He looks like he might want a paci!

Kami said...

I love the post! Dogs are the best and are so accepting of just about anything! I love the pictures, too! :)