Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sugar and Spice and EVERYTHING nice

I have to tell you how extremely sweet my baby girl is.

I was putting her to bed last night and she laid down on her little bed and said "I LOVE my flowers mommy.  Thank you for my flowers. (referring to her flowered sheets).  Thank you for my room mommy.  Thank you for my giraffe.  Thank you for my paint - is it dry?  Thank you for all the pink."

She's truly the sweetest little child I've ever met. 
When someone gets hurt, even if it's a stubbed toe, she's all like, "I get booboo bear for you" and she dotes and cares for you...
When her baby falls down, she makes a sad face and gently picks her up and talks to her softly in her ear...
When the dogs play rough (and growl a lot), she'll say, "No, Mia will get hurt" - Mia's the smallest...

Such a little angel.

This was at Brock's birthday party in October~


Adrienne said...

Sooooo soooo sweet!!! Sounds like her language has come a long way recently!!! Prrrrrrecious picture of a precious baby girl!

'adilah said... sweet..