Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Dossier's going on a trip

Our dossier will be leaving for St. Petersburg tomorrow. It will take about a month for it to be translated then we'll be assigned a region - then a referral. It's so good to get to this point again.

Dec. 1 marked one year since we officially began this journey, signing with the first agency. The clock seems to stand still at times and fly at other times. I think the next month will fly by because of the holidays and all the activity it brings.

Just in case a referral is immediate (one can hope!), I'm starting a list of questions to ask the caretakers and doctors. If anyone has any links or suggestions regarding this, I would so appreciate it!



Troy and Rachel said...

I hope you get a quick referral and congrats on getting another dossier done.

David said...

Jane and jim,
So glad to hear that your dossier is on it’s way out.
We hope that you get and early Christmas present.
Thanks for all of the wonderful notes you have sent along to our blogsite.

Good luck.

Debbie B said...

Congratz! That's great news. I hope the wait is short for you.

If I can locate any of my links I'll send them to you.

Susan & Randy said...

Congratulations! I hope it is a very short wait this time around and you are traveling to Russia very soon!

Becky and Keith said...

Congrats on getting your dossier done! I hope you hear something very, very soon!

Lauren&Marco said...

Email me when you have a chance so I can forward you a list from another blogger.


Christine said...

Congratulations. Hope things happen quickly for you.

rolise said...

For your list don't forget to ask about the firsts, I did and regret it, first time he walked, first word, etc. Also, now that he is in school, time of birth (on a homework assignment no less), day of week born (able to look that up), name of hospital born at, etc.

rolise said...

Oh and ask if they have any pictures you can have. We got one baby picture of our son at 6-7 months from the orphanage and it is very meaningful to us.

Christine said...

Woo-hoo! Hope it has a safe trip.