Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Another Fun Project

I'm still working on my toy-box crates - they are painted but not decorated yet. I only have so much time and energy!

I took a little detour as I saw this cute idea in a catalog and once again I thought, hey, I can do this!

So here it is... Ta Da!

They're clips to hold your child's artwork.
Here's the lowdown - it was SO EASY and inexpensive.
Paint oversized clothes pins then glue on the 59 cent adorable wooden artwork (both from Michael's) - done. Total spent: $6.
I'll hang them on the wall with a string and put some putty behind the clips so they don't slide towards the middle.
I'm becoming Ms. Frugality!


Nancy said...

Those are neat!

Joy said...

Jane, I saw those same animals and want to put them on a piece of wood to make a coat rack for the baby's room. Great minds think alike. They are beautiful.

Jane and Jim said...

Joy, the coatrack idea is great!!
The possibilities are endless!

Debbie B said...

They'd look great on the fridge too. Just get some magnet tape for the back.

Very cute!

Michael and Carrie said...

Very cute! I love your ideas! You are so nifty!

Christine said...

How cute and creative!

Susan & Randy said...

Those are really cute! Did you paint the animals? You are really good at your projects!

Adrienne and Jim said...

What an ADORABLE idea!!! I used a turtle like these to make a picture frame to match Owen's bathroom decor. :) Owen's playroom has a colorful circus-like theme so these would be perfect for hanging his artwork in there!

Troy and Rachel said...

Love, Love those clips!! I am going to try that!! We need a wall of fame!

Becky and Keith said...

Okay, those are way too cute!! Love them!