Thursday, April 24, 2008

Truly International

I was in a meeting this morning for work and there were 11 of us total. I was the only U.S. born person there. 3 from Mexico, 3 from France, 3 from Italy, 1 from Bosnia, 1 from Japan and me. That’s the beautiful thing about America – it’s made up of all of these diverse people who make it what it is, culturally unique.

I’m proud to be bringing 2 Russians to this wonderful country where they will have the opportunity to be a CEO or a Doctor or a musician or whatever in the world they want to do.
My mom always drilled it into my head that I could truly be anything I wanted to be, I just had to want it bad enough.

We can say that in this country and really mean it.


Becky and Keith said...

Great post and great point! Such a multi-cultural country and it's great! :-)

Carrie said...

I agree with Becky and Keith - great post!!! What wonderful opportunities our children will be given!!1