Friday, May 8, 2009

What's Happening?

What’s happening in our neck of the woods? I'll tell you!

The Coopster:
Is pottytrained. Yay! It took about 2 months of constant, ‘Do you have to go pee pee?’ for it to happen but it did. He still wears a pull-up at night and at nap-time. Oddly, he was potty-trained for poop about 2 months before pee pee.

Is still speaking in 3rd person. Cooper went here, Cooper did this, etc. We know he’ll grow out of this once he learns how to use pronouns, etc. but for now it’s too cute to correct!

Has a W.I.L.D. imagination. He pretends (I hope anyway) to see a teddy bear – a white teddy bear – that flies into his room at night. Every once in awhile he’s scared of it, but most of the time it just chases him and he runs around and laughs. It’s really funny to see Kara looking up searching for it with a confused look on her face!

Has discovered boobies. AND announced to one of his teachers: “I LOVE boobies!”. I was humiliated when she told me this. Coop and I had a talk. Hopefully, this little phase will go away quietly and quickly.

His WHY? has arrived. And he asks a thousand questions a day. He’s a talker, that boy.

The Karaboo:
Is babbling a lot more these days. She’s still not where she needs to be, but definitely knows how to get her point across! The EI (Early Intervention) people will come on May 21 to start her speech therapy.

Is such a girlie-girl! It’s really fun to watch her gross out at bugs and want to wear dresses all of the time.

Is sweet to her core. She is gentle and loves to cuddle and give kisses to us, Cooper, dogs, whoever! She’s very concerned when someone gets hurt and has to kiss their booboo and pat them while saying, it’s ok, it’s ok. She has great empathy.

Is extremely attached to her teacher Gaby and I’m terrified of what will happen when she has to change classes/teachers (August, I think).

Has a weird sense of taste. She hates chocolate and anything sweet except marshmallows (which is pure sugar, go figure?).

The kids are full-bio brother and sister but they are completely and totally opposite in every way!
Kara hates sweets – Cooper would live off sweets if we let him
Kara will eat only the chicken at Chick-Fil-A – Cooper will eat only the french fries and carrot salad
Kara is outgoing – Cooper is introverted
Kara wakes up happy and ready to go – Cooper takes a long time to ‘get his groove’ on
Kara is fairly obedient – Cooper likes to test the limits (this is probably age-related)
Kara will not try a food if she doesn’t like the looks of it – Cooper will try anything at least once

Now time for some pics from the past month or so…

Cooper "swimming" - about 2nd or 3rd time in. Now he jumps from the side and goes completely under. I'm going to try to teach them to swim.

We're ready to go for our jog/walk to the park-

Cooper went to a birthday party for his friend Madeline and it was a "Pony Party" except these weren't ponies! They were full sized horses! He loves horses and wasn't scared at all.

Cooper is admiring the horses - he's in awe of them. (I guess he really does belong in Texas!)

Kara is loving on the pool! Such a sweetie!

Karaboo in the pool-

Does this bikini make me look fat?

What about this one?

Sand-pit fun-

LOVE that prissy stance!


Anonymous said...

The children are so cute. I'm sure by the time Kara comes around to August she will adjust to her new teacher. Especially since she is outgoing. I am sure they probably prepare the kids a head of time at school too. They certainly do in elementary school.

A blog reader from your second trip home with the children from Russia.

MMrussianadoption said...

they are super cute. how old are they again? my kids are not bio, but they are also complete opposites as well. from looks, to personality, to character traits. i hope you had a great first mothers day. it sure looked like it