Sunday, July 5, 2009


It's been awhile! Happy belated 4th of July everyone!

My laptop broke TWICE - first the motherboard died then they had to do something with the harddrive. I don't know anything about the techie stuff but I'm glad it's fixed.

Kiddos update: They're doing G.R.E.A.T.

Cooper talks a mile a minute, non-stop, fairly good English. He knows a lot of numbers and all of his colors in Spanish. He holds onto two Russian words and uses them interchangibly with English - malenkie for small and bolna for hurt.

He was moved up to a class where his peers are the same age and that has helped him learn a lot more (not all good!).

We've been getting ready for his 4th birthday party and if he gets mad or doesn't get what he wants, he'll say, "you not coming to my birthday party!". It's really funny and hard not to laugh.

He takes gymnastics on Fridays and they have water works (water play) on Tuesdays and Fridays. He's active, funny, smart and healthy.

He loves trucks, tractors, swimming, all animals, and anything with buttons for pushing. He's a freak for our phones, the remote control and our computer!

Kara's words are coming along better as well. She was also moved up to a class where she's in the same age as the rest. It helped that they were in a younger class to begin with because they weren't so intimidated by the 'bigger' kids but now they're so comfortable, they absolutely love school and all their teachers. The transition from Gaby's class to Valerie's went pretty well. She cried for Gaby the first day when she saw her but all is well now. She gives Gaby hugs and kisses whenever she sees her at school.

She's is still very much a girly-girl and will always pick a dress over shorts to wear. (I love that about her). She is really comfortable in the pool and 'swims' by herself now. It's not truly swimming but she treads water alone while she has her floaty suit on. She continues to mimic every move Cooper makes.

Recently, we were having a dinner of chicken, mac & cheese and green beans. Kara was eating everything including the beans when Cooper announces that he doesn't like the beans. Kara immediately said yuck and pushed her plate away pointing at the beans. Little rat!

I can truly say they are very well adjusted and very normal 2+4 year olds and we thank God for them everyday.

Oh, we had playdates with fellow bloggers! Chris and Christian met us at the zoo and Susan and Artem came over to swim and have dinner! Both were so fun and we can't wait to do it again!

Here are some recent pics from the 4th of July in Chappell Hill, TX- a small town about an hour outside of Houston -


Nancy said...

Great update on your kids! Nathan still says that line..."You're not coming to my birthday!" It must be something they learned in school.

Carey and Norman said...

How sweet are those pictures! Love their American pride...too sweet!!

Troy and Rachel said...

It sounds like the kiddos are doing fantastic! I think it's great that they moved up in their classes and I can totally relate to the not all good learnings from fellow classmates!!

Looks like you had a great July 4th holiday!!

Adrienne said...


It sounds like they are doing GREAT!! I know you know this, but they are such beautiful children! I love all the pictures you shared :)

The pictures of Kara and the clothes cracked me up!!!! Hmmm, future designer? Personal shopper? Organizer?