Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sweet Hubby...!

Jim went to the day care to have lunch with Cooper today - so sweet right?
He just got back and this is his email to me:  (The names have been altered to protect the innocent)

Just got back from lunch with Cooper. 20 kids in a room, absolutely CRAZY!  20 minutes was the max I could take it.  I bought Cooper a bag of Cheetos and opened it for him so he could eat it after he finished his meat balls and peaches. Then the crowd  grew like a pack of Hyenas on a wounded antelope, looking to “score” some free Cheetos. One kid kept screaming “who's going to open them Cheetos!” over and over again!  I got the hell out of there and let Cooper fend for himself with his bag of Cheetos, fighting off the vultures. Cooper did let everyone at his table know that the Cheetos were for “hims, Kara and Daddy only, no sharing!”  Four kids (girls) also kept staring at me giving me the evil eye, maybe their Dads are F@rmers or @llstate agents or something. During lunch, Kara spotted me and came over and started eating my bag of Cheetos.  Even though she just had lunch, she pulled up a chair to have lunch again with the four years olds. After 60 seconds of no second helpings, she went back to Miss Axxxxx to play with lincoln logs. I am now back in the office and need a beer. I have some on ice for my Wednesday picnic that I am very looking forward to at 3PM. No more lunch at Cxxxx!

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Becky and Keith said...

Hehehe... that is hilarious! :-) Jim sounds like Keith. Keith had to chaperone Andrew's field trip and he was the only non-grandmother chaperone. He rode in a mini-van with the grandmas while the kids took the bus and then had to see a puppet show about Paul Bunyan!