Tuesday, July 24, 2007

July 24, 2007

I have been reading what everyone else is doing (see my blog roll) just waiting for our turn so there's not a whole lot to say. We know that God has a plan for us so we're just kicking back waiting to see what's going to happen.
The first thing that has to happen is that CHI needs to get their permanent accreditation. They are well on their way, but these things take time. THEN, we'll be matched up with a sibling pair.

So we wait. Patiently.

Here are answers to the questions we get most often:

1. Why Russia? Jim's mother was from Russia and Jim has a Russian Language degree from UT so we feel a special bond with the country and its people.

2. How long does it take? We really don't know. The average wait is around 8-12 months, depending on if you want a girl or a boy. In our case, we've requested 2 siblings under four years old so it really just depends on who's available at the time our dossier is registered.

3. How much does it cost? A lot! But we know the value of a family is priceless so we're willing to make some sacrifices to make this happen.

4. Will the children be biological siblings? Yes.

5. Why 2 children? Because we didn't want an only child.

Feel free to ask more questions - I'll answer as best I can!


Monica said...

Hey Jane, This is great news to hear that your paperwork is on the way. I am anxious to follow up with you and hear the progress.

The only question I have is this... I thought Americans were not allowed to adopt Russian children anymore. Did you sign up before this, or is there an agency still adopting out of Russia?

I am really happy for you. We have friends that adopted two children about the same age from Russia about 4 years ago. They were not siblings, but they are now! They are both precious, well adjusted and thriving, forgot to mention spoiled rotten, angels :) I am sure yours will be just as precious. I can't wait to see their first pictures.

Oh, be looking for a package from Grandma in a few days. I am taking her to the post office tomorrow to mail it. She has something special that she made and is sending copies to everyone in the family.

:: Suzanne :: said...

I just found your blog. What ages are you asking for?

Our two were not siblings prior to joining our family, but they were in the same group at the orphanage, and that has been a great blessing. They knew each other, had shared friends and memories.

Often bio siblings are at different orphanages or in different groups, so they are strangers to one another. Anyway, something to consider if waiting for a sibling referral is going to stretch things out even longer.