Thursday, July 26, 2007

July 26, 2007

To answer my cousin Monica regarding Americans not being allowed to adopt Russian children: As of May 2006, the Russian government decided to implement a non-expiring accreditation for agencies working in Russia. To complete this process, the first step is to register with the Ministry of Justice. This must be completed by all agencies in order to continue their work in Russia. There are 115 agencies awaiting reaccreditation.
Once our agency has permanent reaccreditation, we'll be registered in Kemerovo and will await matching.
Hopefully, this will happen very soon.
Our dossier is in the translation stage right now - it takes them ~2 months to translate the documents and it will become a 500-700 page dossier.

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Monica said...

It's Monica again... thanks for answering that question... so Americans are really allowed to adopt still from Russia. We have so many friends and acquaintances that have adopted and have said so many different things. You never know the truth. I went to CHI's website and read about what you just wrote, interesting. I am so glad for you and Jim. Hey, could you post us a picture of you two without sunglasses on... I have not seen you in YEARS... and I can't see you with those glasses on!!!