Friday, November 2, 2007

AAI - hope, excitement, anticipation and moving on

Our formal application was submitted to our new agency (along with their fees) so we're getting excited about the prospects of a referral. They explained that the wait time would be approximately 2-4 months for 2 children under 4 - after the dossier is sent in. (We know this can change at any time). The good thing about this agency (AAI) is that the children do not have to be biological siblings but they must be 9 months apart or twins. Either way is great with us. Since they do not have to be bio siblings, the referral will not take as long. (I like this!).

Next step, get the home study updated. According to AAI, most agencies are cooperative and send their entire package (home study and dossier) to the new agency - because even though the customer is switching agencies, they have already paid for these docs. Not so with CHI. They would not even send our own home study to us! We knew we'd lose the fees we paid but didn't know we'd lose the docs as well. Anyway, our new home study agency is in the process of updating our home study for a very reasonable fee and it should be quick since the original was just completed in April. I did keep a copy of the home study - good thing.

I requested that CHI send our dossier (at our expense) directly from Kemerovo to St. Petersburg since it's already complete, notarized, apostilled and translated - nada. No explanation. Just NO. Again, no cooperation whatsoever. Again, AAI said most agencies will cooperate even at this stage but apparently not CHI. I guess when you're done with them, they're done with you!
You would think that the orphan's best interest would be kept in mind to get them in a home asap.
Oh well. We will begin again...that's part of the unforeseen process. On the bright side, at least we know what we're doing and know where to go for the apostilles!


Troy and Rachel said...

I hope this new agency works out for you, which it sounds like it will. I'm glad you are happy with your decision and I hope we hear soon that you will be traveling to meet your little ones - keep us posted!!

Adrienne and Jim said...

I'm so glad everything sounds so good with AAI and that you should receive your referral so soon! I am looking forward to hearing more updates!

Joy said...

This really upsets me that they are not playing fair. CHI is not able to give you a referral but they should help you in anyway that they can after all it is the right thing to do. I at all possible I would like to talk to you off the blog. If you are okay with that please e-mail me at

Becky and Keith said...

Sounds like you're well on your way to getting things done! I'm sorry that CHI isn't being helpful! 2 - 4 months sounds like a GREAT timeline. Can't wait to hear more!

KimAbraham said...

We just changed agencies from CHI too, after they told us it could be another 18 months before we receive a referral. It was a difficult decision, but I found the hardest part was actually committing to another agency. Kind of like "once bitten, twice shy".

CHI would not let us use our original homestudy either, but they offered upfront to give us back ALL the documents we provided to them, assist the agency with updating our home study, and refund the post placement fees we paid. *I don't know if our SW's willingness to help us had anything to do with the fact that she knows I am an attorney. ;0)

Anyway, it sounds like your new agency is a great fit for your family and I'm looking forward to reading all about your little ones in the very near future!