Thursday, November 1, 2007

November - National Adoption Awareness Month

I've decided to share a poem by Debbie Hutson:

Oh Little One
Oh little one, where ever you are,

Near to our hearts yet distant so far.
Have you already a birthday?

I wonder each night,

Or have you yet to experience that journey of might.
We’ve waited so long to share our blessings with you,

Our hearts ache with joy of the thought coming true.
I want you to know how excited we are,

To meet you and love you;

our precious little star.
Thrilled of the thoughts of watching you grow,

Teaching and learning from each other you know.
Please never forget this one promise to you,

We’ll always be your parents and unconditionally love you.


Debbie said...

I like it! Thanks for sharing.

Esther said...

I found your blog thru Lauri. I got a chuckle out of your comment on her blog about Possum.

It's sad there couldn't be more support on all this, all the way around.

It generated over on my blog, when an anonymous poster wrote in a hateful comment to me, telling me I'm disgusting for having adopted. Feel free to check that out (from this weeks postings) and weigh in.

This reminds me of the mommy wars, the working moms vs stay at home moms. Why can't everyone support one another, and share helpful tips? Ah, I guess that would be too easy.......