Monday, March 10, 2008

Check this out!

These are 7 HUGE bins of gently-used clothes donated to us by my wonderful friend Teri that her son has outgrown. It’s amazing – our kids will be set for a long time! She also has given us a Graco Duo double stroller and a light-weight stroller, a high-chair and a car seat as well. TERI, YOU ARE AN AWESOME FRIEND! Seriously, she is such a generous, kind-hearted and REAL person I know and love.
She just brought her 3rd baby home from the hospital and little Morgan is GORGEOUS!
She was born 3 weeks early and had to stay in the NICU for 2 weeks – she was having a little trouble with her lungs but the Doc says everything is fine now. Thank God she's ok.

In adoption news: Nothing to say. We're waiting patiently as always, using up our time by reorganizing the house so the kids will have some room to sleep and play. Our bedroom is now our bedroom, our office and our bird's room. Thank goodness it's big!


Joy said...

Wow, That is going to be a big help. I was thinking about when I need to register I will need 2 car seats. I can not imagine needing 4 if you have 2 cars.

Nancy said...

Hi Jane! That's great that your friend gave you those clothes. I hope you hear some news soon!

Adrienne and Jim said...

HOW NICE!!! What a sweet friend you have! You will greatly appreciate having all of this. We have cherished all of the hand-me-down items we've received and plan to use them with our next child too. I know you must be getting excited...I hope that referral news comes soon!

Michael and Carrie said...

What a nice friend! That is wonderful that she was willing to donate all of those clothes to you all. I know you are ready to get the call! Hopefully it won't be too much longer!

Troy and Rachel said...

Love the bins of cloths. My sister-in-law has done the same thing for us and it is wonderful. Sounds like you are using your time waiting wisely. Hope you hear something soon!

Becky and Keith said...

What a great gift from your friend!! It's so helpful to have the hand-me-downs because kids grow so quickly! Sounds like you're keeping busy during the wait - good to get things done while you have time!