Friday, September 12, 2008

Hunker Down!

This phrase always cracks me up - I had to look it up to make sure it was actually in the dictionary and it is. Texans and Geraldo Rivera say this a LOT!

It's not exactly what we're doing (crouching, squatting) but we are getting ready to greet hurricane Ike tonight. We're far enough inland that we should only get Cat. 1 force winds - 80MPH, maybe a few trees down, power outages, etc. but it's definitely not a life or death situation like those in Galveston.

I grew up in New Orleans so I'm desensitized to hurricanes but my hubby grew up in the tiny town of Bark River, Michigan so this will be his first hurricane.

So, he's been working feverishly all day cutting plywood...again (we used our Hurricane Rita plywood left overs to lay the attic) and this is what the front looks like: An abandoned home! Both our neighbors next to us are boarded up too and now we are going to HUNKER DOWN!
Wish us luck!


Nancy said...

I hope the hurricane doesn't hit your area too badly! Safe wishes.

Anonymous said...

I'm praying you will be safe. It is not fun, we just got over being prepared for Hanna and we didn't even get any wind,just rain.
God Bless

Heather and John said...

We moved from Florida a few years ago to Milwaukee. I don't miss the hurricane business one bit. Good luck to you, we are watching it on the news. Post when you can to let everyone know you are ok. Prayer are with you both and you pets.

Debbie B said...

Pretty rough one this time. Stay safe!

Michael and Carrie said...

Hope you all are okay! Be careful!

Settle Family said...

I hope your home weathered the storm well! We rode out the storm in Moscow but our home and family in big Houston! Best of luck to you guy's and stay safe!

Troy and Rachel said...

Did you hunker down and make it through?!?! Hope you are doing alright!

Shannon said...

Hope you made it through the hurricane safely and the house is still standing. Looks like your hubby did a fine job of boarding up the house. Stay safe!