Sunday, September 21, 2008

What do you think?

Taking a poll:

Do you think the trash men will pick up ALL of this?

I'm having a hard time believing it but Jim says SURE!
They haven't even been around in an entire week! It's starting to look like a jungle around here.
Good news though, we got our cable, phone and internet back today!
PS: my birthday was Saturday and my dear hubby got me a FABULOUS Dell Latitude D630 Laptop... oh la la... now if I can just figure out how to use it!


Nancy said...

Happy Birthday, Jane! I sure hope the trashmen pick all that up!

Joy said...

Happy Birthday! Congratulations on the new lap top. He is gearing you up to have every thing that you need for when the little ones come home.

Thank you for being so supportive!

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday!! Enjoy the new lap top! I would love to see some photos of the trash men hauling off that stuff!!

Carrie said...

Happy Birthday!! Good luck with the trash.

Becky and Keith said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!!! What a great birthday gift you got too! :-

Michael and Carrie said...

Happy Birthday! What an awesome gift! I hope things are getting back to normal in your neighborhood!

Dede said...

I don't think our trash men would haul that off, you must have nicer ones that ours. ;-)

Happy Birthday and tell the hubby great job on the gift!

Joy said...

Sorry to do this to you but you have been tagged.