Thursday, October 30, 2008

Food - 1 week home

Even though this blog is supposed to follow the journey of our adoption and that is essentially over, I'll continue it for a while so I can keep a journal of the kid's lives immediately after adoption.

Back to the subject: Food.

Cooper aka Nikita:
He's a little picky but generally eats well. He plays with his food often.
He does NOT like chicken, peas nor carrots and will separate them into a napkin, wad it up and give it to us saying kaka.

He loves yogurt, milk, mac & cheese and especially jam.

She will eat any and every thing known to man, including dog food.
The first day we were home, we were feeding the dogs their dinner and she started screaming crying and pointing to Fritz's food dish. She walked over to it, shooed him away and grabbed a handful for herself! Of course we didn't let her eat it but she absolutely would have. She definitely has a strong survival instinct.
She has since realized that dog food is for dogs and her food will come to her when she's in her high chair (which she LOVES!).
Kara has a little food issue where she screams when you take her bib off if every morsel on her plate is not eaten. She's getting better. In Russia, we would have to hand feed her so that she didn't stuff everything in her mouth at once. Now we hand feed her occasionally for attachment but she can eat by herself calmly and without any problems.

Nap time is almost over so gotta run - here are some pics:


Joy said...

Oh Jane,
Gerard is still amazed at two at one time. After I showed him their pictures he smiled and said "You did not sign us up for 2? Right!"

He is still little scared. I am sure that you are handling the transitions with grace and ease.

Jane said...

Jane, they are absolutely beautiful children! Oh the dog food story brings back memories for me and Chase! Sounds like things are very normal. Jane

Monica said...

Jane, I am so happy for you. I just love seeing the pictures of your beautiful children. Cooper and Kara look so happy. We had Aunt Mona, Marla, and Glenn over today and they asked if we knew anything about you and the kids. Last I knew you were off to Russia... so I checked the blog to make sure everything was going as planned. I am THRILLED for you. I would love to adopt... no funds though haha.
We are trying to plan a family reunion in May next year. I will give you as much notice as possible, but I hope you will try to come so we can meet your babies.
Talk to you soon,

Anonymous said...

I am SO excited for y'all. They are the cutest kids and I am sure will be a joy (and challenge). Glad to hear everything went smoothly and y'all are back in the states.

kate said...

I'm SO glad you're going to keep posting. We want to share in the joys and trials...and bask in the beauty of your stunning children!

Susie Q said...

The kids are gorgeous and it looks like they are adjusting nicely...we are so happy for you 4!!!

Michael and Carrie said...

They are such cutie pies! I'm glad that eating is going well! That has been the biggest challenge for us, and I'm glad it is going very well for you all!