Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy Birthday Kara! (and sorry)

To our darling little girl.
We have only known you for a short time and are already in love with you.
You are our little drama queen, our love, our Miss Independent and our baby. You have the best personality - very outgoing and you make the most expressive faces! We laugh at you constantly. We couldn't imagine living without either of you.
You turned 2 years old yesterday and boy what a day it was!
We had your favorite breakfast, oatmeal, a banana, yogurt, apple sauce and milk (YES, she eats it all!). We went to the park and played for awhile then went to see Papa at work. After an early lunch, we napped then awoke to the bad news... we had your first Doctor's appointment.
We met Papa at Texas Children's Hospital Pediatric Department for International Adoption and were measured, weighed, received two shots in your chubby little legs and had 6 1/2 vials of blood taken for tests.
You and your brother did very well though.
By the time we got home, all the drama was forgotten and we were able to celebrate your birthday with chocolate cupcakes with blue icing! YUM!
I'm sorry your birthday had to include your Doctor's appointment, but it couldn't be helped. We're thankful that the wonderful Doctors are available to help you and your brother become healthy little people!
Halloween was fun for them - Kara was Elmo and Cooper was a police officer. He was hilarious - when we took out the costume, he put it on in a hurry and patted his chest saying "Militia!". They LOVED dressing up and seeing all of the other kids in costumes. They especially liked the sabaki (dogs) that dressed up. We walked in a parade that goes down one street in our subdivision and they were in awe at that.
Here are some pics of the last few days:

Cooper - Militia Man
Kara - Hi I'm Elmo (I don't really know who that is yet, but I'm him!)
Kara and Cooper checking out their haul

Kara - Is this all I'm getting?

Cooper sharing a cupcake with his giraffe


Nancy said...

They look adorable in their costumes! Happy Birthday Kara!

Michael and Carrie said...

Happy Birthday to Kara! I hope the appointment went well, and I love their costumes!

Chris said...

They are both absolutely adorable!

Troy and Rachel said...

Happy Birthday Kara!! They looked great in their costumes!

Debbie B said...

Happy birthday Kara! Great costumes!

Teresa said...

Hi Jane,
I lost your blog for a while and I can't believe your children are home! Congratulations!! - They are beautiful!!
My husband and I are on a different journey now to Moldova. I will look for your email and send an invite in case you ever want to follow along - though now I am sure you will be a little busy!
Congratulations again - So happy for you all!

MMrussianadoption said...

too cute. Happy belated birthday.

Bear Cub Mama said...

Happy birthday, lil one! Your children are BEAUTIFUL!!! Congratulations on your adoption-- what an awesome experience! Our son is from Russia also, so I love to read other adoption blogs.
I'm just beginning to read yours, so maybe I've missed this...but are they biological brother and sister? They look like they could be! Either way, they are precious!
Have fun!! :)