Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keeping hydrated

It's been sort of crazy around here lately - health-wise.
In the last 10 days:
Kara started throwing up for no apparent reason. She would throw up then act totally normal for a few hours - throw up again, normal again. She did have a fever also so I checked with the Doc who said she thought it was just a virus and to keep her hydrated and if her fever spiked, to bring her in. It never did and she didn't eat for 2 days but it's over now.
I (Jane) got (I think) tonsilitis - BAD. My throat hurt so bad and my tonsils were extremely red and inflamed - it looked like part of my tonsil had grown into the side of my throat. Also it was very painful if I pressed on my neck in that area. I had a fever as well - only 100F, but had aches and pains and didn't feel like getting out of bed. This lasted a week and is now over thank goodness. The advice of webmd.com was to rest and keep hydrated.

The day after the tonsilitis seemed to be getting better, I had a surprise pain. I was reading Cooper a book at 8pm and started getting a terrible tummy/side/back pain. By midnight I was doubled over in the bathroom trying not to wake hubby but he did wake up and I'm glad he did. He talked me into going to the ER. I drove myself to the hospital (Jim had to stay home with the kiddos - It was midnight remember). It turns out that I had kidney stones. I would not wish this pain on my worst enemy! The morphene cocktail was wonderful and they let me sleep in a room until 6:30am. Then I got up, went home and Jim went to work... life is normal again, right? I just have to drink more water - keep hydrated.

Kara again. She has the green gunk and LOVES to wipe it all over her face, neck and hair leaving a "There's Something About Mary" look.
Jane again. I have the green gunk and a cough that sounds like I'm a goose with Emphysema.
Cooper now has the green gunk, no cough yet.
Kara had to be brought to the Doc to check out the ulcers on her tongue. It seemed so painful. Doc said it's part of the virus she has/had. Nothing to do except rub Maalox on them a few times a day and keep her hydrated.
Jim has a sore throat now - surprise surprise.
Cooper woke up at 1:30 this morning to throw up all over his bed.
He's fine right now - no fever. Who knows what that was?
The Parent Advice Line for TX Children's says to guess what...Keep him hydrated!
Fritz in the meantime got an eye infection last week and today I had to bring him in because he was shaking and moaning and is prone to pancreatitis.
They did a full blood work up and he's normal and seems to have a back ache. I was surprised to learn that he didn't need to keep hydrated.
This nastiness has made me miss 2 Christmas parties that I really wanted to go to.

2 other exciting things happened around here - It snowed in Houston and the kids started school.

I was telling the kids, look it's snowing! and was very animated and excited. Cooper said, Mom, cold, close door. Kara ignored me. Hmm.

They went to school for a week from 10 - 3. Kara L O V E S it. She waves bye bye to us and goes on about her merry way wanting to join all the other kids. She is excited to see us when we pick her up too.

Cooper has to be peeled off me most of the time while he's screaming - which is very hard for me. They say he's fine after a few minutes.
The other part of the day that's hard for him is when the other parents start picking up their kids and we're not there yet. He gets weepy then too.
Not too much else to report. All is going well in the learning dept.
Cooper can count to 10 now and knows many shapes. Kara is trying to say more words each day.
We're looking forward to a very merry Christmas with our little ones.
Of course I will leave you with some pics. My Santa cookies are ready, Yippee!

C&K playing at the mall playground

Snowing in Houston - a rare event!


Carey and Norman said...

You poor things. I cannot imagine being sick this close to Christmas. I'm glad you are feeling better!

Merry Christmas.

Joy said...

That stinks that you are all sick. They look so cute in their school clothes. The day care drop off must kill you.
I hope you all feel better for Christmas morning.
Merry Christmas,

Becky and Keith said...

Oh, Jane!!! You poor things! I know what it's like to keep passing it back and forth - Andrew and I have done it for the past 4 months. Unfortunately, the runny daycare nose just doesn't go away. I hope you all felt much better and had a very Merry Christmas!

Troy and Rachel said...

Oh no...I hope you all are better now. Are you hydrated, because I just wanted to make sure you knew to keep everyone hydrated!!! (LOL!!) I'm glad Kara loves school and I am sure Cooper will soon enough. Wait until he starts going in without a glance back!! You'll wish for a little cry then!!