Monday, December 8, 2008

Long Time - No Blog

Wow, I can't believe how fast time flies when you're this busy!

The children are doing great. They're getting cuter and smarter every day.

Cooper knows all of the alphabet and colors and we're working on numbers now. His English is improving every day. The Russian is slowly going away (which is a little sad too).

He had some teeth issues that we had to deal with: 4 decayed teeth pulled, 2 root canals and several cavities filled. His baby bridge will be in next week so he'll be good to go until his permanent teeth come in. He was under IV sedation the whole time so he doesn't even remember it.

He's truly a very happy little boy who wants to do nothing but please us.

Kara's attachment is so much better. She kisses and hugs us regularly now and sits on my lap whenever I'm on the floor. She lets us console her when she gets a booboo and lets us love on her without her pushing us away. We've come a long way in a short time!

Her speech still needs work but it's coming along too. Now, instead of saying "bah" for banana, she says "nana" and she points to different things and tries to say them.

Kara's eating has slowed down tremendously. She routinely pushes her food away, saying "kaka" when she doesn't like something - which we're glad for because it's a normal toddler behaviour. And she doesn't HAVE to finish every bite any longer. She is 1 pound heavier than her brother however (who is 16 months older!).

Both kids' blood work came back absolutely normal and they're up-to-date on all of their shots, etc. We were happy to find out that the immunizations that the orphanage in Russia said they had given her were accurate. Our doctor did titers to confirm.

Their Giardia is now all gone as well.

Now they're ready to start school and I'm ready to go back to work.

It's been fun but exhausting and I feel like preschool can teach them a lot more than I can. Since they're at different developmental stages, it's hard to give each child what they really need. For instance, if Cooper and I are practicing writing his ABC's, of course Kara wants to write too but ends up eating the crayons or wanting to write on Coopers page and upsetting him, etc. At least at school, there will be structure and the kids will be in classes with other kids their ages.

Thanksgiving was quiet and nice, just us 4. We had a peaceful traditional turkey dinner that Jim and I prepared.

Santa (or Moroz in Russian) made his presence known at our house after Thanksgiving dinner. Jim went upstairs and put on the Santa outfit, came downstairs yelling ho ho ho - it was not a pretty site to see my son scream at the top of his lungs. Kara just gave him a bizarre look like, Who in the world are you? We calmed him down by showing him that it was actually Papa, and he thought it was hilarious after that. He tried on Papa's Santa wig. When it was all said and done, he said "All done Moroz" - translation: I will not be seeing you again this season!

They also went to their first Christmas Party.

Here are some pics:


Nancy said...

What great pictures! I'm glad things are going well. Pre-school will be good for really helped Nathan start to speak better. Cooper reminds me so much of Nathan! Thanks for the update.

Carey and Norman said...

Love the Santa photos. The one of Cooper crying and the one of him in the wig are priceless.

Michael and Carrie said...

I love the pictures! Kara and Cooper look adorable! It sounds like they are continuing to do so well! I know you all will have a wonderful Christmas with them!

Laura said...

ok, I am not going to lie, I have been checking your blog everyday to see how things were going. My son is almost 6 and our only one but when he was a toddler I very rarely had time to get on a computer. So it makes total sense that you are busy with two new little ones. They look very happy and adjusted. Love the pics. The one of Cooper is hilarious. Enjoy this special time with your new family.

Troy and Rachel said...

Your children are beautiful!! The holiday photo looks great! Too funny about Santa!!

Sira said...

Beautiful kids! They make take to Santa a little better this year

Joy said...

Oh Jane they are beautiful. It is nice to know that the kiddos are doing great. I was guessing that you were really busy getting your routine together.

They look so happy.

Adrienne said...


They are so precious!! I laughed about the Santa Claus story. Maybe next year will be better!

I just wanted to assure you about Kara's speech. It's normal for her to say "nana" before "banana" b/c it's easier to say two syllables that are the same in a row. :) I bet preschool will be great for her language development! :) It's incredible that Cooper already learned his alphabet and colors!!

Sounds like you all are doing great! I'm so happy to hear it. Loved the pictures!!

Susan and Randy said...

Love the wig picture!! That is the funniest story about Jim dressing up as Santa.