Sunday, November 1, 2009


Kara and Cooper October 2008~
First of all, do you remember these kids? I barely do!
The policeman turned into Spiderman and Elmo turned into a princess!
What a difference a year makes.
Last year they had only been in America for 8 days - they were a bit bewildered about the whole proces but this year... different story. After Kara would say "More!" and Cooper would say "Are we done yet?".

Every Halloween, there's a parade of sorts in our neighborhood with a real fire truck leading the way. The fire truck (Fireman Sam as Cooper calls it) sounds it's horn and that begins the 'parade'. Cooper totally remembered it from last year and couldn't wait. All the kids and parents walk along the street to the end of the cul-de-sac then the firemen pass out candy then all the kids go trick or treating. It's small but fun for the kids.
Pics in our back yard before the festivities: I'm hopeful that next year I can get them to match somehow.
Here's Kara's reaction to the firetruck horns:
Coop loves the firetruck, noise and fanfare, Kara hates it. Always opposites in every way.

Trick or treating. Yes, they remembered to say thank you!


Troy and Rachel said...

Oh my - what cuties!! Happy Halloween!!!

Dede said...

Wow, what a change in a year! Cute, cute, cute! I want to live in a neighborhood like yours. Nobody trick or treats on our block.

Christine said...

Love the costumes!