Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday... again??

Well a princess deserves several birthdays right?

First was her actual birthday - November 3 - we had her little school party.
She had a great time until we lit the candle. Seems littlebit is a little bit afraid of fire!
Cooper came to her class to help her celebrate.
Watching us with anticipation....

Here's the very pink cake- even princess Barbie's skin is pink!
Then when we got home, we had our little family celebration - her favorite meal, a nice little cake and she opened her presents from us.

Her main present was her trike which she can finally ride!

Her 3rd party was the big one - a jumpy party at The Ruckus Room with 19 of her closest friends.

The staff there was fabulous! Everyone had a great time - they jumped, ate pizza and chips and of course had cake - an AMAZING cake by Melissa Costanzo. Here are some pics of her other creations. The girl makes the best cakes in Houston. I personally chose an almond flavored cake with a chocolate ganache filling.... mmmm soooooo good!

There were friends to greet...

big bouncy things to jump and slide on...

balloon-animal-makers to watch...

and of course, the fabulous cake to eat!

After naptime, it was time to open all of the thousands of presents!

of course, Steffi had to get in to the action

Stef wowing over the gifts!

Kara's showing Fritz her new toy
This is one happy three year old girl!


Chris said...

Beautiful birthday girl! The cake looks so yummy!

Rebecca said...

Happy Birthday Kara!

Thanks for the link to the bouncy place--I've been thinking Samuel would love one of those, but I hadn't heard of one in Houston.

Troy and Rachel said...

Of course she deserves more than one birthday - you can call it making them up! I'm loving the cakes she had - so fancy!! And I totally love that the dogs are checking out her gifts! Probably wondering if there are any treats in those bags and boxes!