Sunday, December 13, 2009

December so far -

So what's been going on over here you ask??
Well - my last post said that Kara would not use a public potty - it's gotten a tad worse but yet a tad better...
She now refuses to use ANYone's potty (including friend's homes) but she did have a breakthrough while we were at the allergist (3 hours by the way).  She peepeed in their potty - crying the whole time but still she did it!
I have been carrying a potty in the back of my SUV for such incidents.  She has no problem going in the car so that's what we do for now.  It's rather easy, I just put a disposable bag down and she goes right in it then I throw the whole thing away.

I think I've mentioned that Kara's been stopped up for the past few months non-stop.  So I took her to the allergist (have I mentioned that we were there for 3 hours?? AND it was snowing outside??  AND I had crazy Cooper with me too??) Anyway, our visit there was to do skin prick test.  She did fine for the 1st half but the 2nd half, where they inject you on your upper arms under the skin, 10 shots on each side...she screamed and cried.  A lot.  Yes, they numbed her for both sets of tests.  Turns out, she has 15 different allergies.  Year round allergies.  After that visit, I had to go to 2 different pharmacies with 7 prescriptions!  In the snow, in Houston, where it snows about 1/8" every 10 years and people can't drive when it sprinkles much less when it snows.

So here's littlebit with her hippie bong, I mean nebulizer -  she actually liked it!  Yikes.

Other happenings... we (Kara and I) went to her friend Ben's birthday party at Gymboree. 
Wow, you really think your kid has come a long way until she refuses to participate and only does her own thing. 
See the little girl in the pink dress all by herself?  Yep, that would be Kara.

The party continued and she played on all of the equipment but just didn't want to sit down - maybe it was because of all the excitement and newness..  she did sit for the cake and ice cream though.

Would someone please tell Kara that the party is over?  So funny, especially considering that she doesn't even like sweets!  BUT she does like the option!

In other news - we went to our friend's house for a little Christmas party and Santa came to visit!  The kids were so excited.  Cooper in a good way and Kara NOT!  Coop ran up to Santa and sat right on his lap and told him he wanted a choo choo train - a black one.   We were so proud of him!
Kara was horrified at the thought of the big red guy and absolutely refused to go into the room where he was!

Oh well, maybe next year...


Becky and Keith said...

Hey, hey! I'm still here! Don't shut the blog down... I promise to comment all the time. :-) Your two cuties are beyond precious. I remember the days of hating the public restroom too. We visited Santa this weekend too. This time of year is so much fun!

Nancy said...

3 hours at the doctor's office? Sounds like H*ll! Glad she likes the nebulizer.

Chris said...

The nebulizer pictures are hilarious! Poor Kara though to have so many allergies. I wouldn't worry about her not liking Santa. My son never has liked him asnd when I think about it, it is a little scary and appropriate for little kids to be frightened of Santa. We need to get together again sometime in the new year!

Rebecca said...

I know what you mean about thinking your kiddo has come a long way, until at something like a party of other kids. My little guy's the same way. We've have 3 birthday parties in the last two weeks, and he's always off exploring on his own. Oh well....Adorable pics, btw.

Anonymous said...

So very cute children. I know it's lots of trouble and work, but if you find a very good health food store, not a chain, and go over all of her allergies. Most of all of them may be corrected by a change in food that she eats. Several kids I know have had this problem and have dropped medications after a while. Hopefully it will help you. She is so adorable it would be a shame for her to have to take medication for the rest of her life because of allergies. Have a Merry Christmas.

Troy and Rachel said...

Love the hippie bong - I mean neubulizer - we have one of those too and Daniel also likes it! Great photos of the kids and glad Cooper likes Santa! Kara will come around soon enough - poor thing with all those allergies! Happy Holidays!

MMrussianadoption said...

hippie bong. very funny. your kids are still so darn cute.

that sucks about not going in public bathrooms. dont know which is worse, when they wont go or when they make you visit each one 10 times.