Saturday, December 26, 2009

Pre-K talk

I have to write these down or I will forget:
  • Cooper to Kara:  "I'm gonna get my costume on and give you a ticket!" (referring to his Halloween police costume)
  • Cooper when he's mad at me, Jim or Kara:  "I put water on you!"  - taken from Wizard of Oz - water killed the witch!
  • Cooper still says wellow for yellow
  • Kara still calls Cooper, Pooper
  • Cooper on his play cell phone:  "911, hi, Fireman Sam? yes, please come.  Thanks, bye"
  • Kara trying to say that she's already washed her hands:  "I ate" - everything is "ate" if she's already done it.
  • After reminding Cooper that Santa Claus was always watching him, he says "Where's the video camera?"  (there are video cameras at school).
  • When Cooper wakes up from a nap, he almost always says "I sleep 7 times!" meaning he slept a long time.
Obviously I have more Cooper talking stories but Kara is definitely getting better since her ear tube surgery.   She tries hard to get her point across. 
She still loves Elmo but her top favorites are princesses and Barney. 

In other news, I'm redoing Kara's room and will post pics when I'm done.  It's sooooooo fun and my creative juices are flowing wildly!


Anonymous said...

why tubes? check out next time

Kami said...

I LOVE the new title picture!!! They are precious!! I also love hearing their new phrase...I always get a laugh reading your blog. :)

Troy and Rachel said...

I had tubes growing up several times and they worked wonders! I was actually almost completely deaf until I was about 3 and then once the tubes came out I never stopped least that's what my mom says!

Great things to write down and remember! Daniel tries to give us tickets too!!

Happy Holidays!

Becky and Keith said...

I LOVE the header picture! It made me smile instantly! :-) Don't kids say the funniest thing. I need to start writing things down - great idea!