Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goodbye Kitty

We went to our good friend Morgan's birthday party today, the little beauty turned 2.
It was a Hello Kitty party.
Tons of jumping and fun, lots of good cake and cotton candy and messy fabulous lip gloss in the take-away bags for the girls.

Here's the result:

Please note that I blew this up so you can clearly see her very pink face!!

Oh what a day!


Chris said...

Whew, when I saw the post title I was worried a cat had passed away! Looks like a fun party. I love the one with Kara's face painted pink and her sacked out in the car seat.

Troy and Rachel said...

I hear lip gloss can be quite moisturizing for the face (LOL!) What a great party!

True Story said...

Oooh I've followed your cuties for a while! They are sooo BIGGG now and soo adorable. Blessings! Sandy