Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Best Investment Ever

For those of you with 2 small ankle-snappers, do yourself a favor and go ahead and get a bike trailer!

The kids love it, the mommy loves it and the body loves it - it's great because I get to bike to/from the park, the kids get their exercise and play at the park, then they rest on the way home all while the hubby stays home to work on much needed projects!!

Everyone wins!


louisianaborn said...

I didn't know such a great invention existed! It must be worth it's weight in gold. I'm a grandmother and enjoy keeping up with your blogs and a couple of others. I don't comment often but I must tell you that I think your two little children are just adorable!

Troy and Rachel said...

Seriously - you're my hero! I don't think I could stay on a bike if I was pulling Daniel!!