Friday, April 23, 2010

Coiffeur du jour

Cooper makes house calls too - and he didn't even have any training!
Would you like him to come to your home and give you a fabulous haircut?

See what he can do:

(please ignore his milk moustache!)

Kara was NOT a happy girl!


Troy and Rachel said...

Oh Noooooo!!!

Mama Fish said...

Oh my word!! I wouldn't be happy either. :-)

Captured Memories' Studio said...
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JaNae said...

Ohh wow lol... Poor Kara doesnt look happy..

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Becky and Keith said...

Hehehe... My sister did this when she was little! I remember it like it was yesterday! Look at those fine motor skills at work! :-)

Chris said...

OMG! I just saw this old post and it is hilarious. I know you must have been upset about the haircuts, but you'll look back on it and laugh and your post was hilarious!