Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 Month Update

The kids have been with us for 3 months now - sometimes it seems like 3 years! We're still working out the kinks in our routine but for the most part, all is well.

I'm the one to blame for Cooper's new habit of of waking up in the middle of the night and calling for me. It's definitely a want not a need.
Our nighttime ritual consists of a bath, pj's, brush teeth, read 2-3 books and talk about the day and tuck-in with lots of kisses (for him and the rabbit, bear and giraffe whom he MUST sleep with). This is where the problem comes in: I then turn off the lamp and lie on the floor until he's asleep (about 10 mins.) then go to my own bed for the night - or so I think.
He will wake up at some point during the night and call for me. I go to him, re-tuck him in and make sure he's ok, then he grunts while pointing at the floor for me to lie next to him until he's asleep again. He will cry/scream if I leave before he's asleep and I'm afraid he'll awaken Kara with his mad screams.
I've created this mess myself, I know.
Now that I'm working full-time again, I have had my fill of getting up in the middle of the night AND have I mentioned that I'm STILL sick? So last night was the last straw. He was not in pain, sick, wet, hungry, thirsty nor anything else, he just wanted company. Jim ended up sleeping on the floor in his room.
So as soon as he awoke, I told him that as of today, he is a Big Boy and can go to sleep on his own as well as staying in bed all night. I told him this in a very loving way (about 6 times this morning) and he seemed to understand.
I'm going to make a sticker reward chart for him as well.
Man, if you give-in to kids one or two times, it becomes the new rule.
This mama is taking back her sleep!

The other kink is food:
We need to have something prepared in the freezer for every night of the week. And for lunches - for us and the kids - that's a lot of food!
Right now, we're sort of prepared for a couple of days then we scrambe to find something quick and healthy.
I guess my new part-time gig on Saturdays and Sundays will be to cook.

Otherwise, they are doing great in school, their attachment to us is excellent and they've only had minor colds.

We're so happy to have these little guys with us, even if I don't get my essential 9 hours of sleep!

I'll take more pics soon and will post them, promise!


Joy said...

The food thing is going to get me too. We are an eat on the run crowd. Having dinner together will be a big change around here.
Nice update I can not wait to see pictures.

Carey and Norman said...

So glad Kara and Cooper are doing so well. Cute story about wanting you at nighttime. Great sign of attachment!!

Bethany said...

They are so stinkin cute! Sounds like for the most part, things are going well. Your nighttime routine sounds like what we have with our bio kids. My son has grown out of it, but my daughter ... ugh. I wonder what the attachment experts would recommend that you do for your son? That stuff is all so interesting for me, because I think we have to do stuff different with our adopted kids who were orphans than we do with kids who are home grown.

Lauri said...

I agree..the fact that your little guy wants you near is a great sign of attachment, as tiring is can be. These are delicate times with your kiddos, expect advances and setbacks while those cuties adjust and test the waters.


Nancy said...

Hi Jane--thanks for the update. Sleep time can still be difficult at our house. But better than last year. Take care!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jane,

Cooper was use to sleeping with 10 other children in the same room. Lots of noise and its not quiet. He is still adjusting and it will take him sometime to believe he will not be waking up someplace new. This is all part of the attachment process. Sharing sleeping time with hubby is a help. We made it easier on ourselves. We our son would wake up we would just have him crawl into bed with us. Trust me, he won't be doing this when he is 16. My peds told me the most important thing is that everybody gets sleep. cranky parents from lack of sleep isn't good for anybody.

Troy and Rachel said...

We moms always make our own messes, but he loves you and wants you close!! You children are beautiful!