Sunday, October 18, 2009

1 Year Family Day Anniversary

October 15th was our 1 year anniversary as a family!

We celebrated by having Russian Stroganoff and watching the video of our trips.

It's unbelievable that it's been 1 year already~It truly feels like the kids have always been with us.

They are right on target with everything as far as development except Kara's speech is about 6 months delayed but improving daily.

Cooper is still a crazy/smart/funny little boy who makes up stories all the time.

Kara continues to LOVE her baby dolls and treats them so delicately, it's truly precious.

We went to see Thomas the Train in Rusk, TX this weekend and the kids had a ball. It was a great experience - I recommend it! Kara was NOT fond of the loud horns and it was a little chilly so she could have skipped the train ride but loved the jump houses and eating and tatoos, etc. We stayed with my brother who lives about an hour away and it was great seeing him. Here are some pics from our little weekend trip:

Cooper, brother, Kara (yes, he's my brother - 19 years older!)

Kara NOT enjoying riding on Thomas!

Cooper loved it!

The happy family of 3 and Kara

Sweet kids on the way up - holding hands for the pic (UNprompted!)


Joy said...

Happy 1year together day! I can not believe that it has been a year!

Nancy said...

How sweet! Happy 1 year together!

Carrie said...

Congrats on one year together. They are so precious. Love that last picture.

Anonymous said...

We were there with you in Ark on October 15, 2008! That was our Gotcha day for Alex.

It is truely amazing how much Cooper, in particular, has grown! They are both gorgeous kids.