Monday, October 12, 2009

The stories just keep on comin'

I've really got the goods on these two when they're older...

Here's another story:

It's 3:15 a.m. Jim hears noises and tells me to go check.

why HE couldn't go check I'll never know since I was sound asleep...

So I tip toe down the hallway and peek ever so quietly into Kara's room and a small voice from below says, "Here, here!" She was in the bathroom on the floor, her face (including her eyes) was covered in De$itin, her diaper was off and she was saying, "boo boo, boo boo".
While I was wiping her off and putting her diaper back on I discovered that she was really hot. Her temp showed 102.8F.
Poor thing just wanted to try to make herself feel better.
We put her in the bed with us and she finally went back to sleep around 4 a.m.

As per the Doc, she has a common virus- not Swine or any other flu - and the fever is gone.
This all happened last night...
See I'm getting better at blogging with my stories on time!

New pics soon!

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